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Piano and music theory tuition. Developmental music program for preschool and primary school children based on Kodaly and Orff approaches to music education.

  • Piano lessons

    For all ages from pre-school to adults. AMEB exams up to Grade 5.
  • Music theory lessons

    For all ages from pre-school to adults. AMEB exams up to Grade 7.

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  • Diana has a fantastic way with little ones. My daughter started lessons with her when she was 4. I feel privileged to have her teaching my daughter, to be providing such a fantastic musical experience at an age when foundations for all sorts of learning are made. Diana engaged with her on her level and took lessons at her own pace. It was always fun, lots of laughter and play based learning. Singing, clapping, pictures, stickers and fun. Now, Miss 6 continues to love her weekly lessons, which became more piano based over time. Songs and theory are fun and age appropriate. Diana has creative techniques to encourage practice, she is kind but firm when required. She fosters a real love of music. Such warmth and a true love of teaching is a pleasure to see and experience. Diana has become a special part of my daughters life, I can't wait for my little 18month old to have the same amazing experience with Diana!  
    Karen Hunt, piano mum
  •   I searched around for a music teacher for a year in 2016 and heard through word of mouth about Diana. I put my girls on Diana’s waiting list and I was very glad that we waited. My daughters can’t wait for Thursday’s and it’s really wonderful to see their appreciation for music and creativity flourish with Diana as a teacher.   Diana has given them the opportunity to play their own compositions and with her guidance write their own music as well as learn the important foundations of learning about piano and music. Her pedagogical approach is nurturing and encouraging. My daughters at times play together at the end of their individual lessons as Diana sensed that they enjoyed collaborating with each other. A truly gifted teacher. Thank you Diana.
    Moseni Mulemba, parent
  • Over the years that I studied with Diana, I learnt more than just good technique and achieved much more than good AMEB results. I was taught new ways to approach pieces - not from a technical perspective, but from a musical one. I produced my own interpretations of pieces and under her guidance was able to develop my own musical voice. Most importantly Diana gave me the gift of music - something so special and beautiful - and now am I realising just what an enormous positive impact it has had on my life. I only hope I can inspire others half as much as she inspired me. For this extraordinary and rare gift she has given me, I am eternally grateful.
  • I have been a student at North Melbourne Music Studio for the past ten years and have enjoyed all my musical experiences with the very talented Mrs. Diana. She has always encouraged me to love music as well as helping me to complete  Grade 4 of both piano and music theory.  I would recommend Mrs. Diana to any student because she is a great teacher, mentor and friend to all her students.
    Laura, student
  • Diana teaches with great love and passion for music. We have two daughters Laura (18) and Mila (6), they both love to visit Diana and befriended her very quickly. She is an excellent children pedagogue and has patience to listen to all children’s queries. Mila truly enjoys practicing and playing piano, she is always looking forward to her lessons. Thank you very much Diana for making music part of our children’s life.
    Mario and Svijetlana S., Parents
  • My two boys are so lucky to have Diana as their piano teacher. She listens to what style they want to play and chooses fantastic, appropriate and appealing pieces. Diana gives students a solid foundation in theory and technique, but it is her ability to nurture their musicality and creativity which makes her teaching unique.  My boys are always happy to practice and attend lessons, which says a lot in our "age of screens". I would highly recommend Diana for tuition in Piano, theory and/or composition.
    Anne Corry, Musical Director, Melbourne Girls' College